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Attention all viewers, it has came to my attention that many people do not understand why, what I’m hoping to achieve by, and how, I plan to create this site, so to answer these questions I decided to tell everything.

First, I want to answer everybody’s question on why I created this site. The reason I created this site is because I saw a problem with the lack of educational resources on the web, designed for both teachers and students. So to fix this problem I decided to create a website designed for both teachers and students were both could have all the resources needed, right at their fingertips, the website, ClassNet.

Second, people asked me what I was hoping to achieve by creating this site. The answer to that is simple, so I will give you the basic concept of ClassNet, which is to provide an area where teachers can help students, classes can have discussions, students can find review for their classes, and ... Read more »

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ClassNet, as you know, is for students, teachers, and other educational authorities, but; when you join ClassNet, you get even more privileges than if you stay a guest; you get a profile, you get to take part in discussions, you get to send messages to your friends that are on ClassNet, and you get to be a part of the ClassNet Community. 
Signing up is easy, all you do is go to the log in box at the top of the left hand side of the screen, click 'old login form', click 'register' and fill out the form, click 'submit' and then your part of ClassNet. Please don't hesitate, join now for FREE!!!!!!!!

Thank You!
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Welcome to ClassNet, a new website designed for the classroom. On this website teachers, students, and others associated with education can get together and have discussions, give homework or assignments, take tests, conduct polls, and work together on group projects. Also on this site, guests and users can research information, chat with others, post questions for teachers, or create polls in order to collect data for personal or school projects. All this and more will be available on this website soon. So check around, show it to friends and teachers, and visit this website as often as possible. Also, please don't forget to register (it's FREE) and please take part in the poll by telling us how much you like or dislike this website, ENJOY!
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